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Hello everyone!

We, the mods of [livejournal.com profile] hp_kinkmemes, are overwhelmed by the massive support and interest in [livejournal.com profile] hp_kinkmemes! We're impossibly proud to tell you that so far we haven't experienced any flaming and very few comments have had to be deleted, which is fantastic. We've also received over 30 private messages with questions, suggestions, requests and a bit of squee in addition to the comments in both the off-topic post and the poll-post, and we are EXCITED. THANK YOU, everyone, who has taken the time to get in touch and drop a line, however insignificant it may have seemed--to us, it isn't. We appreciate every single comment made and we take everything into account.

On that note, we'll plunge right into the news and changes part! When we started [livejournal.com profile] hp_kinkmemes  we had some pretty set ideas about the way things were supposed to be, at least in the beginning. After listening to everything you lot have had to say and generally using our own personal networks to gauge interest, test the waters and send out feelers for the moods and wants of the HP community at large, we realised pretty quickly that the way we are doing it isn't the perfect way and is definitely open for revisions. So!
News and changes
1) While we'll stick to the slash-only parameter for now, we are now allowing women to feature in the kinkmemes as long as they are included in m/m action. No f/m-only action allowed at present. This is the first thing we changed as there was massive demand for this. 
2) Talking about slash-only--femmeslash will not be offered in 2011. We'll be looking for more mods later this year to mod the femmeslash kinkmemes, which will open in 2012. 
3) The calendar. We are unable to, currently, host kinkmemes more frequently. The next kinkmeme will open on October 1st, as planned, and judging from the poll post, it will be the H/D kinkmeme. Starting 2012, we will be hosting the kinkmemes every second month rather than every third. If interest persists and there is much public demand, we will look into doing the kinkmemes every month. We have also not ruled out hosting two kinkmemes at the same time, but we'll tackle that if it becomes relevant.
4) Roughly half the PMs we received requested an ALL HP kinkmeme, and we've decided to kick in the new year with one such! We're massively excited about it as it's an ALL PAIRINGS, slash, het and femmeslash alike, kinkmeme and we hope you'll have as much fun with it as we will! We can hardly wait for January 1st!
The calendar, as it looks now:
01-07-2011: the R/S KINKMEME
01-10-2011: the H/D KINKMEME
01-03-2012: the NEXTGEN KINKMEME
01-05-2012: ? dependent on poll result.
We'd like to explain our reasoning behind the NEXTGEN KINKMEME, especially seen in light of its poor score in the poll. It's simple: We added the vote count to the AS/S kinkmeme votes--this is because 70% of those who voted AS/S also voted NEXTGEN. We thought it unfair to host the AS/S kinkmeme when we could accommodate the NEXTGEN shippers as well. NEXTGEN doesn't exclude AS/S, while AS/S certainly excludes the other NEXTGEN characters. 
The new poll will be posted along with the ALL PAIRINGS KINKMEME and will remain open until May 1st.
Our first affiliate!
We're proud to inform you that we are now affiliated with [livejournal.com profile] nextgen_mas .

Rules and Timeline | See you at [livejournal.com profile] nextgen_mas! Please take a moment to fill out our poll and let us know what you want to see from this fest.

If you want to affiliate with us, drop us a comment or a PM and we'll be happy to affiliate! The only criteria to affiliate with us is that your community or fic fest or whatever it is you've got, is HP related.
Lastly, the FAQs:
Q: Do you live in Perth?
A: That's a secret! (No, we do not. We pretended to be located in Perth for the sake of timezones, when we opened the first kinkmeme. It was midnight there and we could wait no longer. Next time we'll pretend to be in Timbuktu or something!)
Q: Are you _____?
A: No. And even if we were, we wouldn't tell you. We'd like to keep our identities secret for a number of reasons, the main one being that we don't want to alienate someone just because of who we are. Perhaps we're fandom famous, perhaps not. You'll never know and we'll never confirm or disprove that we are this or that person. If someone is claiming to be us or be the person(s) behind [livejournal.com profile] hp_kinkmemes, they're lying. We'll never divulge our identities to the public.
Q: How many of you are there?
A: Again, a secret! We won't even give you a hint. ;D

Q: Which are your OTPs in the HP fandom? / Which HP fandoms are you most active in? / Do you have other fandoms?
A: Oooh, good question. We're sure you've guessed that the first poll we put up was heavily biased and influenced by our personal tastes. And then there's the first kinkmeme, you know... ;) And yes, we are in other fandoms as well. How's that for a vague and unsatisfying answer?
Q: Why did you start this? We did fine without this kind of stuff before.
A: We started [livejournal.com profile] hp_kinkmemes because we love kinkmemes and don't think they occur often enough! We're partially inspired by [livejournal.com profile] sherlockkink, which was an amazing kinkmeme before it died out--we wanted to offer the HP fandom one consistent place in which kinkmemes could be found on a regular basis, with the variety that the HP fandom so loves and cherishes. We hope the lack of kinkmemes in this fandom isn't due to lack of interest, but more due to no one willing to host one. Well, here we are, and we are more than willing to host them!
We'd like to thank everyone once more for commenting, PMing, taking part in the first kinkmeme and promoting us! We're thrilled by the support and interest and hope you'll stick around. ♥
That was it! If anyone has any questions, comments to make, suggestions or anything at all, you're always welcome to PM us or comment here. :)
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