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01-07-2011: the R/S KINKMEME
01-10-2011: the H/D KINKMEME
01-03-2012: the NEXTGEN KINKMEME
01-05-2012: ? dependent on poll result.

The HP KINK MEMES is a place to host slashy KINK MEMES of the HP kind. We'll host KINK MEMES every third month and each KINK MEME is open until it runs out of steam. However, we will not close the entries for commenting at any one point; anyone can return and fill a request even if that KINK MEME seems to have met its end. The KINK MEME will only be closed if a second round of the same KINK MEME is opened.

We opened the [info]hp_kinkmemes with a round of the R/S KINK MEME, which was the mods' choices. We want YOU to help us choose the next ones, so we will be posting poll posts in which you can vote and comment. our PM inboxes are also always open, so feel free to drop us a line there as well.

The KINK MEMES will be posted every second month starting 2012.

We strive to be the place to host KINK MEMES in the HP fandom, but for that to happen, we need your support. Take part in the KINK MEMES, tell your friends and fill the requests!
Popular KINK MEMES get a second round at a later point and even a third round, if interest persists.

De-anoning and reposting filled requests in your own journal/archive/community/whatever creams your twinkie is allowed and encouraged; we just ask that you don't repost a fill that you didn't write. Stealing isn't nice.


To promote, copy-paste the code in the box:


Want to affiliate with us? Drop us a comment or a PM.

Art in the icons and banners is by ericahpfa.

ericahpfa @ deviantartericahpfa @ livejournalkink fills @ deliciouscredit

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albus dumbledore, albus severus, albus/scorpius, anthony goldstein, as/s, bill weasley, black/lupin, blackcest, blaise zabini, boy!blaise, boylove, cedric diggory, charlie weasley, dean thomas, draco, draco malfoy, draco/blaise, draco/harry, draco/lucius, draco/snape, ernie macmillan, erotica, fan fiction, fanart, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fred weasley, fred/lee, gay sex, gellert grindelwald, george weasley, george/lee, goyle, gregory goyle, gryffindor, h/d, harry, harry potter, harry potter slash, harry/dean, harry/draco, harry/snape, hate sex, hp fanfic, hp fanfiction, hp slash, hp yaoi, hufflepuff, hugo weasley, james potter, james sirius, justin finch-fletchley, karkaroff, kink, kink meme, lee jordan, lestrange, lestranges, lord voldemort, louis weasley, lucius, lucius malfoy, lucius/draco, lucius/severus, lucius/snape, lupin/black, lupin/sirius, malfoycest, malfoys, marcus flint, michael corner, moony/padfoot, mwpp, neville longbottom, oliver wood, padfoot/moony, percy, percy weasley, percy/oliver, peter pettigrew, pettigrew, potter slash, professor snape, r/s, ravenclaw, regulus black, remus, remus lupin, remus lupin/sirius black, remus/sirius, rl/sb, roger davies, ron weasley, ron/blaise, ron/harry, sb/rl, school boys, scorpius malfoy, seamus finnigan, seamus/dean, seamus/harry, severus, severus snape, sirius, sirius black, sirius black/remus lupin, sirius/lupin, sirius/remus, slash, slash art, slash fanfics, slashart, slytherin, snape, snape/harry, snark, snarry, snupin, teddy lupin, teddy/albus, teddy/james, teddy/scorpius, terry boot, the blacks, the malfoys, theodore nott, tom riddle, vincent crabbe, weasley, zacharias smith
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