Oct. 2nd, 2011

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Some of you may have noticed that we removed the 17+ rule today. We did this because we'd received PMs and privately taken part in and observed discussions about what it means to have a rule regarding age/chan in a kinkmeme, the deciding factor being the point of a kinkmeme is to allow people to indulge in or explore kinks they are not comfortable with publicly. After we removed the rule, however, we received a multitude of PMs about the opposite. After much discussion and many PMs we decided to re-instate the 17+ rule.

The 17+ rule is there for legal reasons only. For many people, merely accessing a kinkmeme in which under-age is allowed puts them in legal jeopardy, whereas for others it is only a risky business if they actively view the content. It turned out that the majority of the fandom belongs to the former group and therefore we've re-instated the rule. No one wants to face legal persecution because they visited a risky site and we decided that as the mods and hosts, it is our duty to provide this safety. 
The rule is not there to be condescending, judgmental, shaming, anything else we've been told we are for having the rule up. We want to protect people from prison, folks.

We will delete fills that contain under-age content.

If you write a fill with under-age content and you wish to post it in our kinkmemes, you must post it elsewhere and only link to it in your reply with appropriate warnings in place. Any links to content posted outside of the kinkmemes that is found to contain unwarned for under-age content will be deleted. And yes, we will be checking.


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